Name Plate

Each unit is shipped from Delroyd Worm Gear with a name plate which gives identification information and operating conditions. Name plates are stamped with very specific information which is required to help identify units for replacement parts, new replacement units, or field service inquiries. Information on the nameplate includes the unit’s Shop Order Number (defines the bill of material for all parts), Catalog Number (Defines unit model description), Service HP, Ratio, Service Factor, Input and Output RPM, and a Figure Number.

Delroyd Worm Gear Name Plate
Delroyd Worm Gear Name Plate Vertical

If any of operating conditions listed on the nameplate change, please contact a Delroyd Worm Gear representative for factory approval. Always remember to never exceed the load conditions for the service ratings on the nameplate.

Please contact a Delroyd factory representative via our Contact Form

P: 1.800.432.0121
P: 716.298.4100 / F: 716.298.4101

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