Custom Designs

When your application requires more than a standard gearbox it’s time to consider a custom design by Delroyd Worm Gear. Delroyd has the design and manufacturing capability to provide a custom speed reducer for your special application, be it a new project or a direct drop-in replacement for a competitor’s reducer. The use of fabricated steel reducers allows Delroyd to match a competitors foot print, centerline, and shaft height allowing a drop-in replacement.

Fabricated Designs

When worm gear speed reducers are subjected to severe shock loads or possible housing damage from external sources as in steel mills or mobile equipment applications, Delroyd can provide fabricated steel housings with up to 48” center distances, permitting transmission of higher horsepowers than are possible with the standard cast iron housings. Fabricated steel housings provide maximum rigidity and strength for the application. Extra-heavy side plates connect the worm and gear shaft bearing supports, assuring proper meshing of the gear under all conditions of load. In smaller sizes fabricated steel reducers are interchangeable with Delroyd's standard cast iron reducers, per mounting dimensions and internal construction.

Delroyd Fabricated Designs
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