Conveyor Drive Units

BX Conveyor Drive Units

BX Conveyor Drive Unit

Delroyd series BX Speed Reducers for conveyor drives feature exceptionally high overhung load capacity. This design advantage usually permits selection of a smaller drive unit for a given load. Drywell construction around the output shaft helps prevent leakage from above. Series BX Conveyor Drive Units incorporate the Delroyd involute helicoid thread form which permits simple, accurate gearing adjustments without running in expensive matched, lapped worm and gear sets.

    • Large bearings and generous bearing spans for high overhung load capacity.
    • Drywell Construction.
    • Hardened and ground steel worms.
    • Bronze Gears.
    • Large Diameter steel output shafts.
    Six basic types of BX units are currently available:
    • Single Reduction with the output shaft in either an “Up” or “Down” configuration.
    • Double Reduction Worm Reducers, also in up or down designs.
    • Helical – Worm Reducers, also in up or down designs.
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