The exclusive use of the involute Helicoid Thread form (with leaving side contact) on the worm and gear provides for high efficiencies, and long service life. The hardened ground and polished alloy steel worm develops a smooth, work hardened surface on the bronze gear. For this reason worm gears wear in and improve with prolonged service while other gears are wearing out. Delroyd offers a wide selection of model configurations, sizes, ratios, and accessories from our standard product line.

Fabricated Designs

If your application involves severe shock loads or possible housing damage from external sources (as in steel mills or mobile equipment applications) Delroyd can provide fabricated steel housings with up to a 48" center distances. Fabricated housings provide maximum rigidity and strength which allows the transmission of higher horsepower levels than are possible with standard cast iron units. Extra heavy side plates connect the worm and gear shaft bearing supports, assuring proper meshing of the gear under all load conditions. In smaller sizes, fabricated steel reducers are interchangeable with Delroyd's standard cast iron reducers.

Custom Designs

Delroyd can provide custom speed and reversed engineered reducers for your application, be it a new project or a direct drop-in replacement for a competitor's speed reducer. Fabricated steel reducers allow Delroyd to match a competitor's footprint, centerline, and shaft height allowing a direct drop-in replacement saving the customer time and money.

Long - Quiet Life

All worm gears in Delroyd reducers are manufactured from phosphorous bronze. Our design also incorporates a hardened, ground and polished alloy steel worm. This combination develops a smooth, work-hardened mating surface of the bronze gear which improves with prolonged service.

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