Company History
De Laval Head Shot


Dr. Carl Gustaf Patrik de Laval founded De Laval Steam Turbine.


De Laval Steam Turbine became a separate division called “De Laval Gear Group”.


The John Holroyd Company, Ltd of Manchester England, a supplier of worm gearing and machine tools wanted to expand their sales to the United States. De Laval which had been manufacturing worm gears since 1920’s and was also looking to improve its competitive position in the United States. This resulted in a joint venture – De Laval – Holroyd.


De Leval Gear Group Facility

This year marked a big step forward in technical development of worm gearing in the United States. De Laval acquired Holroyd’s remaining interest in De Laval-Holroyd and moved forward under the name of Delroyd. Later that year Delroyd moved operations to a new facility in Trenton de laval gear group New Jersey. Delroyd’s new facility housed some of the most advanced worm gear manufacturing equipment in the world. Within a year the building was expanded and new machine tools were added for increased capacity to meet demand.


Imo Delaval, Inc. renamed Imo Industries in 1989, was created as a public company in December 1986, when Transamerica Corporation, which had acquired the De Laval Steam Turbine Company in 1962, distributed stock to its shareholders on a one-for-ten basis. Imo’s long established reputation and stability had been grounded in the success of its turbines, compressors, pumps, and motion control equipment.


Delroyd Worm was purchased by Nuttall Gear, a supplier of helical power transmission products. Together Nuttall Gear and Delroyd offer helical, worm gear products, and combinations of worm-helical reducers. Delroyd was moved from its Trenton NJ facility to Nuttall Gears factory in Niagara Falls New York.


Delroyd Worm Gear and Nuttall Gear became part of Altra Industrial Motion. In doing so Delroyd Worm Gear and Nuttall Gear became an integral member of a company that consists of many of the industry’s leading power transmission component manufacturers in the world.

Throughout the years our ownership has changed but our commitment to our customers has never wavered. As always we remain dedicated to providing services and quality you have come to expect.

We are now a part of Regal Rexnord.
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