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The lowest cost and shortest delivery schedules are normally achieved through the use of standard worm and gear sets. In addition to using standard shaft center distances, ratios, and bearing mounting parts, designs should include standard bores, flanges, and bolt circles where possible. Since the use of non-standard hubs is not uncommon to the worm gear industry, Delroyd provides for this by having a flanged rim design available for mounting on any adaptable center.

Delroyd has supplied worm gear sets for several manufacturers for many years. These manufacturers includes such companies has Link Belt, Falk, Westinghouse, and Philadelphia Gear.

Link Belt – Replacement worms & gears for models manufactured from 1940 – 1976
Falk – Replacement worms & gears for models manufactured from 1973 – 1988
Westinghouse – Replacement worms & gears for models manufactured from 1963 – 1970
Philadelphia Gear – Replacement worms & gears for models manufactured from 1985 – 2002

When ordering worm & gear replacement parts, please provide the reducer brand, center distance, ratio and any part numbers found on the worm& gear, to assure correct identification. Delroyd’s worm & gear will be marked with: DWO or DGO.

Product Features

  • 2" - 48" Center Distance
  • Ratios 5:1 to 180:1 (Standard Components)
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Product Catalog

  • Worm Gear Sets 2" - 48" Center Distances

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