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Welcome to Delroyd Worm Gear

Delroyd Worm Gears & Worm Gear Drives

When you purchase from Delroyd you are purchasing from a company with vast experience in designing and manufacturing worm gears and worm gear drives with a torque capacity up to 3,400,000 inch pounds. Delroyd provides a versatile and reliable product that will provide your company years of trouble free operation. Delroyd offers a wide selection of model configurations, housing options, sizes, ratios, and accessories that compliment our standard product line. Delroyd Worm Gear has drives for power generation, metals processing, paper/wood processing, pumps/fans/compressors, petrochemical, refineries, mining, mixing/agitation, material handling, food/beverage, textile processing, water/waste water treatment, cement and aggregate. At Delroyd Worm Gear we deliver a proven package that is fully tested and ready to be integrated into your production system without any worries or surprises.

"You cannot get this kind of service from any other company."


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